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Got about 1200n miles on the new Rebuild -- runs strong and has good power.  Still having a bit of a problem with the Carb.  Our first trip we were leaving a trail of black smoke as we climbed the hill around Mt Shasta.  We called Jeff's Trucks in Chico and were told it would be a good idea to come back home and let them have a look. 


Got back home, the tail pipes were ringed in black soot.  Jeff's Trucks had the Duke for about four days, replacing the new Edelbrock, 1411, carb with another new one.  The said this never happens with the Edelbrocks, except for this time -- of course.    New Carb and back on the road, same hills, same direction, not black smoke and much more power.  Climbing the hils like never before.  I was actually able to gain speed on slopes I had to crawl over at 40-45 before.  The top end is great, it is the bottome end, the idle, and hard starting after the engine is hot.  Back the the carb, again.  The milage went from 6.5, first time out, to 9.5 mpg.  When traveling everything is running great, but when I slow to town traffic it acts like it is going to stall.  When I park and shut it down it is hard to get it started.  It will start then die and after several crankings it will strat and you have to nurse the throttle to keep it going.  Once back out on the open road it goes like crazy and is fun to drive.  The engine is running so sweet if only the carb would do the same.  Back the the shop --  Later Dan


for more info on the Revcon go to   Also see LINKS at this site -- Thanks for looking

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Not much interest in this web site.  I may close it but still, I think it is informative for anyone with a Revcon.  The problem is, of course, the Revcons are getting old enough where major engine work is a serious consideration.  For this reason I'm thinking the interest in these front wheel drive all metal chasis and skin are going the way of all really old things.  The young people of today are not into hot rods and older models of anything.  When I was in high school, a class of 400, there were maybe 10 cars in parking that belonged to strudents, and 8 out of the 10 were hot rods or hot rods in the making (older cars being rebuilt by students with as much juice as a part time job could afford).  Today, drive by any High School and there will be engouh student cars to fill the school parking area curb to curb, and maybe a couple of pickups jacked up, but the hot rod?  Most likely some low slung, tiny Japanese car with a special air filter and large can exhaust extenders.  Things change and as these young people mature the concept of taking a vintage vehicle and restoring it or making it something special is beyond the imagination, unless it is veatured in some video game.  And, this is why we see all these gray haired old people driving the cherried out Hot Rods and this is also why the Bikers are all old guys -- what happens when this generation, my generation, pass on to the junk yard in the sky, or where ever? 

So, I'm writing this in the wind -- I have my Revcon and it is running great and the new engine is woking out really great and I have about 3,000 miles on it and the Gas milage is averageing 10.8 in varied condition, coast mountain, and freeway travel.  I would like to get it out on a level run and see what it would do.  Lots of power now.  the remodel of the bedroom area is working out well, we are happy with this motorhome and all said and done it has cost us about $30,000 all totaled -- New engine, Transmission, front defferintial replacement, all new Blisten shocks, brakes, bell cranks replaced, new forced ari heat, new A/C, new 12 gallon hot water tank, New alloy wheels and tires, Radiator recore, new fresh water tank, new flooring and carpeting, a pair of Fantasic Temp controlled roof fans, New Windshield replacement.  The refrigerator had already been updated is working great.  When we first began looking for a Motor Home we had budgeted $28,000 and just could not find anything then we saw the Revcon and fell in love with it and firgured we could update it for half our Budgeted amount, which, in reality was not to happen.  We have run $2,000 over budget but that was over a 5 year period.  It has been quite a trip and we are not sorry.  There were moments but in the end we loved this coach. 

Peace to anyone that reads this, Dan

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Funny we were just looking for a class c beater to slog around on weekends. The guy that sold us our Revcon, Mike, wrote an ad that had the perfect hook for me. The first 100 mph motorhome. We looked around for a couple weeks at other coaches all the while googling revcon to death. It was useless to resist. When we bought ours it was pretty beat and I wish we had looked for a better starting point. We did however bring this back to life, almost (not quite done). Hoping to enjoy using it as much as I have building it.

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Let me see if I can resurrect your site. .... I've got a few friends from Revcon Curious who might come on board ..... and they pretty much know their stuff. ..... This is what I discovered after a year of on the road renovation ...... Our Coach sat for 8 yrs in the  high desert (So Cal) .... A really nice  guy bought it cos" , as he  said; "One went by me when I was 13 in 1980, Oh, I want one of those." ..... I was 34 in 1980 and I said the same thing. ... That's how  we got this Coach, after Everett  had it 2 yrs...... (total 10yrs so far) ..... I made a  pilgrimage to So.Cal. .....and over a period of 3/4 days  I got her off the  deck three and a half feet (at the front) supported with jacks / stands / and blocks about 16 ft back. ......Covered in SAND ! !!! Gently and quietly I did the  fluids / filters / ign and any tidy up I could get to ......Spun her once every 35 - 40 mins for best part of a day. .... New wires /cap and rotor. ..... (couldn't get to the plugs, that's why the length of time turning her over) .... Primed  her and Fired her up ... Smooth as  silk, but the weirdest oil press ever.! (it was lyin') .. Straight through mufflers /old  mounts allowing the drive train to bear slightly on the front chassis frame ...... but  smokeless .... engaged drive  ..again smooth .... went through all the gears ..... brakes were ok but a  master was needed ..... (got one later, 15-20 minute job)  . ....when I was satisfied I put her back down on the deck.....knowing, apart from anything else, I had a monster clean up job ahead of me. .... everything pretty much fried but complete .... A  lot of work done  by amateurs over the years had to be re-done. .... Then I didn't get back to her for two more years !!!!!! ... Stupid really cos' I'd done all the  really necessary work ..... as  evidenced by the  fact that when I did come back she was on the  road in 24 hrs. ....Summer 2013 ... and  hasn't stopped since ..... she was so fried that the A/C covers were gone (still are) ..... ... If you have a decent Revcon  I have found that once you know what the parts are, it doesn;t cost that much  to renovate .... Interior you just bring that back. ... with a  couple of little  mods. ..... Any how I'll put up photos of a  year ago, with  the  old 16.5 Rims  and faded paint / crappy old  mirrors etc etc ... and take her through a time frame to today...... See what you think .....Cost so far ? ...a whole  lot less than  $1000.00 + Purchase..... and that includes an as new set of  GM 16" Alloys (w/caps)  and reasonable tires .....

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hi all don't shut the site !!! I have a 1971 revcon with a new motor & trans + more to come on the complete restore I am over 50 yrs. and was raised with model A,s


save the old stuff be for its to late

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